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The implementation of an integrated ERP system such as SAP is probably one of the greatest challenges facing a company, as it not only leads to serious changes in the organization, but also to significant process changes in all parts of the company. Not only the costs, but also the human effort of one's own resources is often underestimated and therefore often leads to considerable staff shortages and unscheduled cost-cutting measures to keep the project running.

Why is that?

As a rule, a company introduces an integrated system only once. So there are a few basic things to keep in mind: Own project managers or sub-project managers usually do not have adequate experience to manage such a project. The adaptation of the ERP to one's own existing processes is overburdened. The expectations placed on the consulting company are set too high, especially since these are provided within the framework of the negotiated conditions and are based on the customer-specific requirements. The expectation of job losses due to the predicted increase in efficiency is misinterpreted and goes hand in hand in the company.

How can I help?

As the interface between you and the consulting company, I accompany you during the design phase and offer you best practice solutions within the framework of your individual business area.


I integrate your employees into the project and hold them accountable so that they support and thus guarantee the success of the project.


I motivate your employees through realistic goals and give the right understanding of increasing efficiency (realizing resources instead of downsizing) I also accompany after the introduction date and training to guarantee the best possible application of the systems.