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Buisness Transformation - Kopie

Harmonisation, constant adjustment and change in the company and the corporate structure often lead to insurmountable obstacles in the processes, the workforce and in the constant course of business.


Uncertainty and existential fears are fueled among employees, and projects fall into operational uncertainty. Outdated organizational structures stand in the way of successful administrative and thus operative business due to increasing globalization.


Through business transformation, also known as change management, I support you in actively shaping your company and adapting it to the upcoming change.


We understand business transformation to mean converting all measures and activities together with the workforce into a cross-departmental change that corresponds to today's cycle of change and puts the company in a competitive position. Today's market demands not only demand innovation on the sales side, but especially administrative and organizational change in order to keep up with the constant changes in the IT landscape and to use them optimally in our own interest.


Project content like

  • Structure
  • Strategy
  • Systems and
  • Processes

are nonetheless the basis for the corporate transformation (transformation) of the company and are therefore indispensable for a successful change process. The introduction of a new ERP environment is to be examined as well as the use of a shared service for the respective group of companies.